PRP glass facial on the Sunshine Coast now offered by Jacinta King.




PRICE: $450-$800

TREATMENTS REQUIRED: 3 Treatments spaced 4 weeks apart

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is your body’s natural alternative to artificial muscle relaxants and filler. PRP is derived from your own blood. Prior to treatment a small blood sample is taken from your arm before being placed in a centrifuge to extract the platelet rich plasma. 

The PRP is then injected all over the entire face intradermally in order to stimulate collagen and elastin by releasing growth factors. This in turn improves results in skin tightening, improved texture and tone, with less fine lines and wrinkles. 

Glass-Like Skin Appearance

In order to improve pore size and create a glass-like skin appearance, the PRP is mixed with anti-wrinkle product prior to being injected into the dermis. This combination is becoming increasingly popular due to the smooth skin texture it creates and is more effective than simply micro-needling the PRP into the skin. 

PRP Glass Facial – Pricing

PRP Glass Facial (PRP 1 vial mixed with anti-wrinkle for pore reduction and glass-like skin appearance): $750

PRP 1 vial without anti-wrinkle (face only): $450 

PRP 2 vials without anti-wrinkle (face, neck and decolletage): $800

*Best results are achieved with 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart (anti-wrinkle only mixed on 1 of the 3 treatments).

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PRP Glass Facial – Preparing for the Procedure

Best results are achieved if you:

  • Be well hydrated 48 hours leading up to the procedure
  • Reduce your fat intake
  • Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Stop omegas, fish oils, green teas and supplements that increase bruising. Please do not stop any prescribed medications without permission from your regular doctor.