Lip Filler Sunshine Coast

Safe and natural lip filler treatments on the Sunshine Coast, by Jacinta King.

Jacinta King is a QLD clinical trainer for one of the leading injectable brands and trains other doctors and nurses in injectable techniques. She is well known on the coast for being an advocate for natural results.

For all lip fillers Jacinta uses temporary dermal fillers. Temporary dermal fillers are the safest and most natural looking lip filler available in Australia.  

TREATMENT TIME: 30-45 minutes

SOCIAL DOWNTIME: Two to Three Days


PRICE: $499 (thick or thin product)

TREATMENTS REQUIRED: Once every 1 year

What Are Lip Fillers Made From?

The dermal fillers used are made from a naturally occurring sugar that is present in your own body. The lip filler has a gel like consistency that creates volume in the lips and creates definition across the lip border. 

Jacinta uses several different techniques to achieve a natural lip augmentation.

Your Desired Lip Shape

Jacinta’s consult includes an in depth conversation about the desired lip shape and volume you wish to achieve, and she will always alter her technique to suit you and to ensure your result looks natural. 

Lip fillers range from thin to thick consistency. As a general rule, the thinner consistency dermal fillers will give the most natural result. The thicker consistency fillers tend to have a longer duration, however, they just won’t look as natural. 

Lip Filler – Procedure

Jacinta offers complimentary consultations where she can assess and provide a detailed treatment plan of what may suit you. Here Jacinta will provide a detailed explanation of the procedure itself, and decide on what lip shape is achievable for you. 

The lip augmentation procedure itself consists of prescription strength numbing cream being applied which reduces pain and makes the procedure comfortable. A dental block or Nitrous Oxide gas may also be used if desired for an additional $10. 

Lip Filler Sunshine Coast – Pricing

$499 1ml lasting 9-12 months. 

Optional extras:

Nitrous Oxide for Pain Relief: $10

Dental Block for Pain Relief: $10

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Any other questions? Just ask us!

If you have any questions around lip fillers – please get in touch via email, or start a chat in the corner of the screen, or simply give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions and make sure every treatment is safe and suitable for you.