Dermal Filler – Lift and Restore

Dermal filler is made from a naturally occurring sugar that is present in your body. Dermal fillers are a gel like consistency and are used to treat areas of volume loss such as cheeks, temples, chin, jawline and tear troughs.

As we age, the bony structures in our face reabsorb, we have muscle and fat atrophy and ligament stretching. All these factors combined cause the volume in our face to shift from a nice high position to a lower position giving the appearance of heaviness in the lower face. 

The most natural results are achieved by first restoring the volume in the upper face to shift the volume upwards and reduce lower face heaviness. This is through placing dermal filler in the lifting vectors of the face: cheeks, temples and midface regions. After upper volume has been restored, lower face contouring can occur. 

Dermal Filler – How much volume is needed?

Every individual face has different amounts of volume loss which is generally linked to genetics, age and lifestyle. As a general rule, 2mls may be required by someone in their 30’s, whereas 4 or more mls may be required by someone in their 40’s. 

Jacinta is highly trained in a variety of advanced techniques and always ensures her patients receive a natural and refreshing appearance (no chipmunk cheeks here!).  

Dermal Filler – Pricing

Jacinta offers complimentary consultations where she can assess and provide a detailed treatment plan of what may suit you.

Dermal Filler Volume restore (lasts up to 24 months):

1ml: $750

2mls: $675 per ml

3-4mls: $635 per ml

5 or more mls: $600 per ml

Dermal Filler Tear Troughs:

In all cases, the cheeks and temples must have adequate volume first as these areas provide support to the tear trough itself. If these areas are not addressed first, suboptimal results will be achieved when treating the tear trough.  

When treating tear troughs, the end result should always be slightly under filled to allow for volume expansion of the filler. The procedure itself uses only one entry point and is virtually pain free. 

Tear troughs are considered an advanced procedure and must only be performed by an experienced clinician. Jacinta’s training and experience ensures she achieves safe and effective results when treating tear troughs.

Tear Troughs Cost: $880

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